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About 73robots

Choosing a technical partner for your project can be confusing. The choice is endless and suppliers can be difficult to tell apart. Led by Andre Lackmann, 73robots is a boutique digital agency catering to clients looking to leverage the latest internet technologies, social networking and community building tools to connect with audiences and customers.

Andre Lackmann
Andre Lackmann

Experience is key. Andre has been working in the internet and technology industry since 1993. He’s seen it all. He spent 12 years from 2000-2012 as founder and Technical Director of The Sound Alliance and as architect and product manager of the popular internet portals inthemix.com.au, FasterLouder.com.au and SameSame.com.au. During this time, he was instrumental in building popular, social and highly functional web applications that each grew from a single idea to some of Australia’s most popular youth brands.

You can bring this experience to your project by hiring 73robots. We’ll ensure that not only your technical requirements are met, but that you also achieve your business objectives.

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